Monday, 6 June 2011

MY hEArT iS bRokEN

The sun also can’t appear when the rain is coming….
The sun also disappears when the storm is coming…
Sometimes, friendship has problems…..
The problems are comes from me…
I don’t know when it happen..
When I like you???????????
Why I jealous when u re walking wit another boyz????????????
Why it happen to me…
And why you give hope that you are nothing wit that boyz….
Why you tell me the truth????????????
The truth that you are nothing from that boyz….
Why you comes to me juz to calm me that happen????????????
Can you tell me???
Why you do it???????????
Did you know actually I like you?????????

Why you are invited me to jogging wit ur?????????
Why you take introduce me wit ur member?????
Why you are invited me to play tennis wit ur????????
Why you take me to go at the pond??????
To see the wonderful fishes swim..
Wit it comes to us when we feed the food to it

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